Municipal/Industrial Air Sanitization

Municipal/Industrial Ionic Air Purification

libraryAs a government or municipal authority, you are responsible for keeping thousands, even millions of people, safe and happy. Your job is to provide an environment that meets their needs while keeping your costs and maintenance to a minimum.

Clean and Sterilize Large Spaces Just By Turning On The Lights

FreshLight ionic solutions can help you prevent the spread of germs in high-traffic areas, keep bathrooms and waste disposal areas smelling clean and fresh, and boost employee performance by making the air in public areas revitalized and pure.

You may think that there is no solution big or broad enough to handle the scope of your needs, but FreshLight innovative blend of ionic technology products makes it surprisingly easy and affordable to sanitize large spaces and introduce healthy, feel-good negative ions into the air, boosting mood and performance for employees and citizens alike.

Save 75% on Energy Costs While Keeping Public Areas Fresh And Clean

Keeping bathrooms and public areas smelling clean with high traffic is challenging, but spraying a deodorizer every few minutes isn’t the solution. Adding more contaminants to the air isn’t going to make the environment fresher. Instead of trying to mask odors with chemicals, you can just take the smell out of the air completely, and replace it with naturally clean air.

Installing a few FreshLight ionic Tubes in your restrooms will keep them smelling clean and give the entire environment a fresh, clean feeling, something that’s important to everyone.

  • National, County and City Office Buildings
  • Public Monuments, Museums & Restrooms
  • Animal Shelters/ Kennels
  • Airports & Transportation Stations
  • Airplanes, Trains & Busses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Sanitation and Waste Disposal Facilities
  • Meat Packing Plants
  • High-Tech Production Facilities
  • Research Labs
  • “Clean Room” Facilities