Our Story

European (Dutch) light bulb manufacturer (Freshlight NL) introduces economical, effective and life changing air cleaning, light bulb technology to the US Marketplace.
Freshlight LLC of White GA is the sole USA marketing company for Freshlight and FreshlightAGRI of the Netherlands.   Freshlight LLC is the North American headquarters for this Dutch company’s revolutionary patented light/ionizer combo technology. With over 20 years of research and development, Freshlight NL specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of eco-friendly, energy saving, air purifying LED Light Bulbs. More energy efficient than standard US light bulbs, including energy efficient CFL bulbs; Freshlight light bulbs are not only energy efficient and environmentally friendly, they offer a Full Spectrum version that closely imitates the beneficial light wave lengths of natural sun light.  The Full Spectrum lights beautifully balance the wave lengths of natural light, including UV A and B which is required for the body to produce vitamin D3 and other useful hormones necessary for a strong immune system.

These patented energy saving, air purifying light bulbs provides exceptional illumination and value for private and public use in homes, offices, childcare & healthcare facilities, nurseries, retail environments, veterinary clinics, schools, hospitals, health clubs, spas and resorts, restaurants, nursing homes, horticulture & animal husbandry and military instillations, etc….