Entertainment Facilities Ionic Air Purification


RestaurantThousands of people avoid going to casinos, bars, restaurants and nightclubs because of odors. Even in places with “smoke abatement,” or smoking sections, the thick pallor of smoke or smoke residue can linger, driving customers away or limiting their time in your establishment.

Our FreshLight ionic purifying system easily eliminates smoke, pollens, dust, perfume and the heavy smell of deodorants and chemicals from the air, making it a fresh, inviting place to eat, drink and hang out with friends.

casinoPlaces where people congregate can also create a hotbed for germs and germ transference. Keep your staff and patrons healthy and happy by installing a FreshLight ionic purifying system.

Save up to 80% on Energy Costs While Keeping Bathrooms Fresh And Clean

Keeping bathrooms smelling clean with high traffic is challenging, but spraying a deodorizer every few minutes isn’t the solution. Adding more contaminants to the air isn’t going to make the environment fresher. Instead of trying to mask odors with chemicals, you can just take the smell out of the air completely, and replace it with naturally clean air.

Installing a few FreshLight ionic Tubes in your restrooms will keep them smelling clean, despite high traffic — something that’s important to everyone.

Give your patrons a great experience. Contact your FreshLight representative today and start breathing easier.