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Educational Facility Ionic Air Purification

cleanschoolDid you know that schoolchildren in classrooms with FreshLight ionic purifiers not only get sick less often, but actually score higher on standardized tests?

Yes — removing toxic mold, mildew, bacteria, dust and viruses from the air while providing the natural health benefits of negative ions has been proven to dramatically improve school children’s performance and health.

Many school buildings are old, unhealthy buildings, built before new safety standards and filled with toxins like lead paint, asbestos, leaking solvents from old air conditioning units, etc. Additionally, they have high concentrations of mold, dust, bacteria and other allergens, which radically affect the health of student and teachers alike and which directly impact student concentration, learning and test performance. This is known as Sick Building Syndrome and it affects millions of children all over the world.

day-care-airOne example: A schoolteacher reported that at least 1/3 of the students in her classroom were out a total of 30 days or more during the school year due to some kind of respiratory illness. She also noticed that each year the flag in her classroom turned black from mold in the air. After using a plug-in ionic air purifier in her classroom, the flag stayed clean. But most importantly, her students didn’t get sick, and their test scores suddenly zoomed up by 33%. We have seen this over and over again with our school clients.

Eliminate smells and mildew from locker rooms and gyms

Locker rooms, gyms and shower areas are breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria and odors, including mildew, Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch and seasonal viruses such as colds and flu. FreshLight products neutralize bad smells and leave all areas of the school smelling fresh, clean and revitalized.

Keep MRSA Out of Your School

FreshLight solutions also kill the MRSA virus – a very real threat to today’s schoolchildren. MRSA is a new, highly-resistant bacteria that can be fatal, striking mainly high school athletes. Our ionic technology has been proven to eliminate MRSA and other dangerous pathogens from the air, preventing the spread of this heart-breaking and often incurable bacteria.

Get smart about school air. Contact your FreshLight representative today and start breathing easier.

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