Commercial Applications

Commercial Ionic Air Purification

cleanairofficeJust say the phrase, “Going to the office,” and it can dreg up images of stifling cubicles, glaring fluorescent lights and a day of mind-numbing work that makes you sleepy, drained and unfocused.

FreshLight can turn the office into a revitalizing environment that actually makes you healthier and happier – all through the use of our Full-Spectrum Fluorescent Tube technology, which combines the most powerful ionic output in the industry (20 million pps) with the healthy, mood and concentration boosting effects of negative ions. Put these two together and you have a seamless, simple way to make the office a happy, invigorating place to exchange ideas, plow through paperwork and come up with innovative solutions.

sick-officeStop Seasonal Sicktime
Come winter time, viruses and colds spread like wildfire through the office. You ask employees to wash their hands, use hand sanitizers and avoid coughing. But every year, your sicktime goes through the roof, while productivity grinds to a halt. FreshLight ionic Tubes eliminate 95% of all airborne pathogens from the air, including those nasty viruses and flu bugs, so your employees and customers stay healthy.

Save 75% On Energy Costs, While Keep Bathrooms Fresh And Clean

We know you want to keep your restrooms smelling clean, but spraying a deodorizer every few minutes isn’t the solution. Adding more contaminants to the air isn’t going to make the environment fresher. Instead of trying to mask odors with chemicals, you can just take the smell out of the air completely, and replace it with naturally clean air.

Installing a few FreshLight ionic Tubes in your restrooms will keep them smelling clean and give the entire environment a fresh, clean feeling, something that’s important to everyone.

Simply contact your FreshLight representative today and start breathing easier.

Make Every Hotel Room Smell Sparkling Fresh
Everything sprayed in a hotel room stays in that hotel room forever. Every aerosol hairspray, every chemical cleaner, every spray of perfume or cologne gets layered upon all contaminants created from bedding, curtains, carpets and furniture, making hotel rooms one of the most polluted places on Earth. People, smoking and pets can make this stale, odor-filled mix hard to overcome.

You can make each and every one of your hotel rooms smell sparkling fresh by installing our Full-Spectrum Daylight Ionic light bulbs, which remove 95% of all dust, mold, mildew and odors from the air.

  • No more mildewy shower curtains.
  • No more heavy deodorizers to cover up smells.
  • Reduce the use of harsh bleaches and chemicals.
  • Permanently eliminate the smell and residue from smoking rooms.

Our ionic light bulbs also remove viruses and bacteria, which keeps guests from transferring germs from room to room and in common areas.

AND, all this clean air actually helps them sleep better – which is great word-of-mouth for your hotel.

FreshLight tube lighting will also save you 75% on your electric bills.
Don’t you feel better already?

Contact your FreshLight representative today and start breathing easier.

  • Office buildings
  • Hotels/ Cruise Ships/ Casinos
  • Restaurants/ Bars/ Nightclubs
  • Shopping Malls / Retail Stores
  • Nail and Hair Salons
  • Public Restrooms & Smoking Areas
  • Gyms/ Public Pools