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Create A Fresh, Invigorating Environment for Your Restorative Care Facility.


One of the chief reasons family members don’t visit nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities is because of how the air smells and feels. In addition to offensive odors, the air in these facilities can feel oppressive and stale, making it an unpleasant place for family members to congregate.


FreshLight ionic air products can eliminate stale, offensive odors and give a youthful, refreshing feel to the air, inviting family members to spend more time with their loved ones. Plus, air that is rich in negative ions naturally elevates mood and serotonin levels and improves concentration and memory, very important aspects to restorative or palliative care.

The Posten – The Miracle of a Lamp

Press release from published 17/09/2009. This is the local Enschede Newspaper. Unfortunatley it’s in Dutch, but you get the idea.

Nursing-home-outsideInhabitants of ‘Carecentre’ The Posten are benefiting enormously because of
so-called ‘refreshinglamps’. At first the direction thought this was another practical joke that would
only cost money…

ENSCHEDE, The Netherlands –

The direction of carecentre The Posten is considering to buy more daylight-
and aircleaning lamps. These lamps have the ability to cause the inhabitants to
become more alert and active. The ionising element purifies the air in the vicinity.
In smoking areas those present aren’t bothered anymore by the smoke!

Just last year, director Willem Marcelis from The Posten initially really thought this
was an ‘April’s fools’-joke, when a daughter from one of the inhabitants asked him why
he wasn’t using the full-spectrum and ‘airfreshening’ lightbulbs yet.

Mr. Marcelis: “It was almost too good to be true. I was thinking to myself:
‘Yet another one who tries to make money off of us…’
But as it turned out, his curiosity was most definitely aroused. First up he started to
investigate on the Internet and after that he ordered a couple.
Those lamps were tested in the so-called ‘living rooms’ in the closed section.

cafeAccording to teamleader Erwin Wessendorp, the results were ‘astounding’.
“At first I also didn’t really believe in the lamp, but the results surprised me enormously.
If you take a look at the observationlists and you compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’,
you see major differences. Also, the bright light activates the brain more. Because of this,
people have more focus. The effect of the ioniser is even bigger. It ‘cleans’ spaces for around 95 % from smoke and odours.

Mr. Wessendorp: “People in the smoking areas, who were at first complaining about
prickly eyes, aren’t bothered anymore now! The ioniser also operates perfectly in spaces
with people who are incontinent. You don’t smell the urine anymore..!”