Sanitize and Revitalize Any Indoor Environment With Powerful, Proven Ionic Technology

FreshLight USA provides an array of custom solutions to clean the air in virtually every indoor environment. Our safe, ozone-free products remove 95% of airborne dust, bacteria, mold, viruses and allergens and replaces it with clean, healthy air that improves mood, concentration and overall health.

Commercial Ionic Air Purification

cleanairofficeJust say the phrase, “Going to the office,” and it can dreg up images of stifling cubicles, glaring fluorescent lights and a day of mind-numbing work that makes you sleepy, drained and unfocused.


Municipal/ Industrial Ionic Air Purification

libraryAs a government or municipal authority, you are responsible for keeping thousands, even millions of people, safe and happy. Your job is to provide an environment that meets their needs while keeping your costs and maintenance to a minimum.


Medical Facility Ionic Air Purification

NursingHome_SlideShowAirborne pathogens are the leading cause of deadly staph infections and other viruses in hospitals and surgical environments. The spread of viruses and other bacteria is also rampant in doctors’ offices, emergency rooms, and other places where patients and the public congregate.


Educational Facility Ionic Air Purification

cleanschool2Did you know that schoolchildren in classrooms with FreshLight ionic purifiers not only get sick less often, but actually score higher on standardized tests?

Yes  — removing toxic mold, mildew, bacteria, dust and viruses from the air while providing the natural health benefits of negative ions has been proven to dramatically improve school children’s performance and health.


Fitness Centers







RestaurantThousands of people avoid going to casinos, bars, restaurants and nightclubs because of smoke.  Even in places with “smoke abatement,” or smoking sections, the thick pallor of smoke or smoke residue can linger, driving customers away or limiting their time in your establishment.