Positive Improvements In Air Quality Through Negative Ionization

Freshlight Benefits


  • Helps remove smoke, bacteria, pollen and dust from the air.
  • Negative ions enhance, concentration, reaction time, mood and skin condition and gives a sense of wellbeing.
  • Helps provide relief for suffers of hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, COPD.



Freshlight products consist of energy saving CFLs, LEDs and Ion plugs with ionizers emitting 10 to 30 million or more negative ions p/second, cleaning the air and saving you up to 80% in energy cost compared to a standard light bulb.  Choose either a warm white light or a full spectrum day light bulb.  We also sell non-lighting ionizing products.  All Freshlight products produce NO Ozone which has been shown to be harmful to people and animals.

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Energy Efficient

  • Lasts at least 10 times longer than a standard light bulb
  • Replace your 100 or 75 watt bulbs with a 20 watt CFL or 8 Watt LED
  • Protecting the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Freshlight’s Full Spectrum lighting systems closely copy the balanced light spectrum of sunlight.  Sunlight is comprised of all the colors of the rainbow plus UV A, B, and C.  Freshlight beautifully balances each wave length of light, to include UV A and UV B which is needed to activate the penal gland and produce vitamin D3. We leave out UV C which is harmful.  Your body responds to daylight in a positive way.  Just think how much better you feel when going outside into the sunshine.  See colors as they really are.  Relieve the strain on your eyes caused by inferior lighting and enjoy the cleaner air provided by our embedded negative ionizers.

All of FreshLight’s diverse line of light and ionization products deliver 10, 20, 30 million pps or more – the most powerful and economical cleaning level in the industry today.

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How Ionization Works

Test Results From Farmers

Why Negative Ionization

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Freshlight Agri USA


Freshlightagri_logo_nominatieFreshlightAgri BV started in the beginning of 2014 to make ionization products suitable for agricultural companies.

For the first trial one broiler house on a large broiler farm in Germany, was equipped with existing ionization products. The climate inside the poultry house improved from day one. Calibrated scientific measurement tools were used to check the air quality regularly, proving that air inside the test house had over 30% less volatile organic components (VOC’s) than the control house. In addition, the ammonia content of the test house seemed to have dropped to nearly nothing. Resulting in an improved feed conversion, reduced mortality and a better growth.

In the mean time FreshlightAgri BV developed its Heavy Duty (HD) iBulbs and Ionizing bar especially for the agriculture. The new HD ibulbs have an output that is 8 to 15 times higher and the Ion bars produce up to 50 times more ionization than the units used in the previously mentioned test and lead to almost clean air when properly allocated.

Negative ionization has been proven to clean the air of volatile organic compounds, (VOCs), particulate matter (dust) and ammonia.  Negative ionization has demonstrated its ability to kill pathogens, i.e. bacteria and viruses, both airborne and on surfaces.  Chickens need sunlight to produce natural hormones and vitamin D3 necessary for a strong immune system, proper digestion of food, better feed conversion as well as metabolizing phosphor and calcium needed for strong bones and egg shells.   Combining the two technologies cleans the environment externally while enhancing the chicken’s immune system naturally, without the aid of supplements and medications. These benefits hold true for most all farm animals.  Reducing dust and ammonia in the barns also benefit farm worker’s health.  Dust and ammonia are the leading cause of COPD in farm worker.

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Interview with owner/innovator of Freshlight and Freshlight AGRI

Visit our YOUTUBE Channel “Freshlight LLC” to see more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC69pXe-G34krWswPWvADWgg